Submitting Sitemaps

Once you've created a Sitemap in an accepted format, you can submit it to Google using Google Webmaster Tools. This enables Google to provide you with useful status and statistical information. You can also specify the location of your Sitemap in your robots.txt file.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following sites added and verified in your Webmaster Tools account :
  • The site on which the Sitemap is located.
  • The site(s) whose URLs are referenced in the Sitemap.
To submit a Sitemap:

  1. Upload your Sitemap (or mRSS feed) to your site.
  2. On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want.
  3. On the left-hand menu, click Optimization, and then click Sitemaps.
  4. Click the Add/Test Sitemap button.
  5. In the text box, complete the path to your Sitemap (for example, if your Sitemap is at, type sitemap.xml).
  6. Click Submit Sitemap.
Using robots.txt file

You can tell Google and other search engines about your Sitemap by adding the following line to your robots.txt file (updating the sample URL with the complete path to your own Sitemap): 


This directive is independent of the user-agent line, so it doesn't matter where it appears in your file. If you're using a Sitemap index file, you can include just the location of that file—you don't to list every individual Sitemap.

Resubmitting Sitemaps

When you make changes to your Sitemap, you can resubmit it using your Google Webmaster Tools account or an HTTP request

Using Webmaster Tools:

  • On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want. 
  • Under Optimization, click Sitemaps.
  • Select the Sitemap(s) you want to resubmit, and then click the Resubmit Sitemap button.
Using an HTTP request
  • Issue your request to the following URL: For example, if your Sitemap is located at,your URL will become :
  • URL encode everything after the /ping?sitemap :
  • Issue the HTTP request using wget, curl, or another mechanism of your choosing.
If you do this, you don't need to resubmit it using Webmaster Tools. The Submitted column will continue to show the last time you manually clicked the link.

A successful request will return an HTTP 200 response code; if you receive a different response, you should resubmit your request. The HTTP 200 response code only indicates that Google has received your Sitemap, not that the Sitemap itself or the URLs contained in it were valid. To obtain status information about your Sitemap, resubmit it using Webmaster Tools account. We recommend that you resubmit a Sitemap no more than once per hour.

Note: If you are providing a Sitemap index file, you only need to issue a single HTTP request that includes the location of the Sitemap index file; you don't need to issue individual requests for each Sitemap listed in the index. 

Source : google


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